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Thank you to my husband, Mr. Tiki for helping me with my English. In places where my English is a little rough, it's where I'm awaiting edits. Thank you for your understanding!

My name is Tiki and I am a Hindu from Bangladesh. I am a student now living and studying in America. I am interested in human rights and justice for the underpriviledged and oppressed, and especially children's causes.

Now Tikistan Nation forum is closed sorry. Pls skip Tikistan tab. I'm gonna fix it later.

Join me and tweet to save Gaza

Please donate to Save Gaza Project! If you like to help it you better and  

I recommend you to follow them below.

If you tweet Gaza and you wish you are here or you wish you are removed please mention or elseEmail tiki

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Muslim cuties

Feature sites

Smile train

Smile Train is charity to repair cleft lips in third world countries mostly for children. If its possible for you I recommend you to see the video.

In every one year they will give 127,000 surgeries! Think of how will ur life be if you have such problem. Probably you can not look at other ppl and you can not SMILE!! If you afford to do it I request you to give a little bit of money even if only you can give USD $5. You can help change a life for so little money!


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acharya ji

Worship your own and respect all. Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar

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